Nervous System

The nervous system controls and regulates all bodily functions, such as your heart and lungs, digestion and muscle control. The nervous system is made up of your brain, your spinal cord and your spinal nerves and its function has a direct impact on your health and well-being.

If your nervous system is weak and there is inadequate control and function between your brain, organ tissues and nerve impulses, it will affect your body’s ability to reach its full potential. Therefore, the function of the nervous system and its relation to your body’s coordination is the essence of chiropractic.

Inadequate control and function between your brain, organ tissues and nerve impulses can be the result of a break down within the structure and physical function of your spinal joints over a period of time. This puts pressure and interferes with your surrounding spinal nerves which then become irritated and cause an imbalance within your body. This imbalance means your body will not be able to function as its best.

Chiropractic adjustments can help restore your body’s spinal nerves to their proper function by removing any spinal interferences that may exist, thus helping relieve the most common symptoms of pain, pins and needles and numbness. Your body is its own healer. Chiropractic care assists the body’s ability to heal itself, allowing it to return to its optimum level of health.

Your symptoms are a delayed message from your body telling you that there is a problem. Pain is often the last indication of a long-standing imbalance within the body. It may take some time to resolve this and restore your body back to its peak condition. Your back is no different to your teeth. Could you imagine what state your teeth would be in if you never had them checked?

Church Road Chiropractic Clinic takes a wellness approach to chiropractic care in order to try and achieve a whole body state of well-being through specific chiropractic adjustments and specific long term health recommendations. This broad approach taken and the recommendations and care given, are aimed at extending healing and recovery beyond merely the relief of pain to allow the body to express its full potential via long-term functional and structural changes.